Discover London by walking or cycling

Cyclists and a man walking a dog in Southwark Park

If you need to travel, try more active ways of travelling around the City like walking and cycling.

Considering swapping your journey to boost your mood and your step count? Here’s how you can do it. 👇

Make it part of your day

Fitting walking or cycling into your day may be easier than you think. 😄

Some journeys could be quicker or just a few minutes longer to walk. Find quick walks between stations or quiet walking routes between key London locations. 🗺️

If you can, get off a stop early to walk the rest of your journey, take a relaxing stroll home, or hop on a cycle and enjoy some exercise on one of our cycle routes.

You’ll see so much more of London, and who knows – you might discover a new way to get to work or find a nice walk to do at the weekend! 👍

Plan your journey

Friends pushing someone in a wheelchair on their phone

Plan your walking and cycling route with ease using our handy tools. 👇

Explore at your leisure

Two girls smiling on their bikes

Whether you have your own cycle or want to join the thousands of people using Santander Cycles every day, you can explore London with our leisure routes and Cycleways. We’ve also got some ideas for getting active in your neighbourhood – you don’t have to travel far to find great walks, cycle routes and parks. 🌳

If walking is more your thing, we’ve got:

Wherever you’re headed, boost your mood and your step count with our walking playlists.

Streets with more space for you

We widened lots of pavements, created new cycle routes, introduced Low Traffic Neighbourhoods, and there’s more to come! 👏

Hire Santander Cycles

Man on a Santander Cycle in the sunshine

Santander Cycles are an easy way to give cycling in London a go.  You can hire a Santander Cycle from as little as £2!

To get the best value, sign up for annual membership for £90 – that’s a year of cycling for less than 25p a day!

Download our Santander Cycles app for quick access to cycles and your chance to win prizes with our London Riders scheme. 📱

Improve your cycle skills

Whether you’re a beginner, or a regular cyclist, you can improve your skills with our free online Cycle Skills course and tips from a London cycling instructor.

Get active now

For local trips, why not walk or cycle? Find out more about walking or cycling in London.

Watch our amazing walking and cycling hyperlapses

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