Quick walks between stations

Woman walking down a road in London

London is a very walkable city. There’s lots of switchable trips which are quicker, or only a few minutes longer to walk than take the Tube or bus. Plus, 20 minutes of walking is good for your health and wellbeing! So if you can, walk it instead.

To help get you on your way, here’s some quick walks between stations in central London: 👇

➡️ Monument to London Bridge 🚶 5 minutes (12 minutes quicker than the Tube) 

➡️ Waterloo to Southwark 🚶 4 minutes (6 minutes quicker than the Tube)

➡️ Embankment to Waterloo 🚶 8 minutes (4 minutes quicker than the Tube)

➡️ Poplar to Canary Wharf 🚶 7 minutes (3 minutes quicker than the Tube)

➡️ Embankment to Piccadilly Circus 🚶 14 minutes (2 minutes quicker than the Tube)

➡️ Warren Street to Tottenham Court Road 🚶 12 minutes (1 minute quicker than the Tube and the same time as the bus)

➡️ London Bridge to Liverpool Street 🚶 21 minutes (only 1 minute longer than the Tube)

➡️ Charing Cross to Oxford Circus 🚶 20 minutes (only 4 minutes longer than the Tube)

➡️ Euston to Tottenham Court Road 🚶 19 minutes (only 6 minutes longer than the Tube)

➡️ Green Park to Victoria 🚶 17 minutes (only 6 minutes longer than the Tube)

➡️ Victoria to Westminster 🚶 19 minutes (only 8 minutes longer than the Tube)

➡️ King’s Cross St. Pancras to Camden Town 🚶 22 minutes (only 7 minutes longer than the Tube)

(Times include walking to and from platforms)

Find even more quick walks between stations  and check out our station-to-station walking map of Tube and rail stations in Zone 1-3. 👏

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  1. My favourite one when I was commuting. Paddington to Lancaster Gate. Slightly longer overall to get to st Paul’s but I was able to get on a quieter central line train before the hoardes at Oxford Circus.

  2. No mention of accessing the South Bank from Covent Garden/ Charing Cross (both short walks, both probably quicker than the alternative), No mention of the Greenwich loop (avoid Cutty Sark station altogether by starting your trip with the walk through the foot tunnel from Island Gardens and ending it by walking from the Maritime Museum to Greenwich station). There are dozens more of these kind of alternatives all over the place.

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