Colour in London

Illustration of London scene

Arts and crafts for entertaining little ones (adults are welcome too!) Keep creative and connected with the network. 🎨

London landscape

Have a go colouring this London landscape. Be as creative as you like! 🧑‍🎨

You could also draw your own London landscape and share it with us.

Line art of a London scene

Love from London

Imagine you are having a day out in London. Draw what you see or do on the front of the postcard and on the back write all about it. 💌

Blank postcard design


Can you find the Tube lines hidden in the grid below? 🧐Find a word search puzzle

London Transport Museum sports posters

Our fellow crafters over at London Transport Museum have redrawn some famous sporting posters for us to colour in. 🎾⚽

Instructions for downloading

Save the images from our gallery. Each image is optimised and ready to use.

💻 On desktop: right click and ‘save as’
📱 On a smartphone: ‘touch and hold’ to save

You can also download the whole collection 📥

Share your designs

We’d love to see your finished creations, so don’t be shy and share! 🤩

Continue the creative fun

Don’t put those arts and crafts supplies away just yet. From moquette, roundels and building buses, we’ve got a range of fun and creative activities for you to try.

Our friends at London Transport Museum also have a whole range of activities to keep you busy at home.

For something a little different, unleash your inner transport enthusiast and take on our quizzes at your next team meeting or trivia session with friends and family:

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