Northern line cycle routes

Cycling is the perfect alternative for getting around the city. We’ve rounded up some routes you can try that run along the Northern line! 🚴

View of Cycleway 1 from the handlebars

Try Before You Bike

Learn how you can rent a cycle and hear from people making the most of London’s Try Before You Bike scheme. 🚲

Jon on his cycle outside the Tube

Mapping London by cycle

Meet Jon and preview cycle routes which use quiet roads and protected cycle lanes and plan your next ride! 🚲

Santander Cycles sightseeing

Taking a trip in Santander Cycles? Why not take a quick look at all the sights and attractions you can enjoy while you’re out and about! 🚲

Aisling with her cycle in Richmond Park

How I mastered my cycling anxiety

Hear how a new role and encouragement from friends and London’s cycling community helped Aisling find confidence as a disabled cyclist. 🚲

Women on a cycle lane in London

Get active in your neighbourhood

With scenic walks, cycle routes and great parks across London, you don’t have to stray far from home to enjoy the great outdoors.🚶🚴

Transport stickers and GIFs

We’ve created sets of animated stickers and GIFs so you can customise your social media updates. Check them out!🎨