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London cycleway cycle route

Two tyred? Give me a brake, that’s a wheelie lame excuse!

Cycling in London is more than just getting from A to B. It’s a great way to see the sights, get your bearings and enjoy a bit of exercise 🚴.

Many Londoners are already enjoying Cycleways, which is great because we plan to keep them coming!

Road sign Cycleway 31 opens from New Malden to Raynes Park

Go Cycle Kingston

Kingston’s at your feet. Cycle your way around and see all of these sights, by bike.

  • Town Centre 🛍️ Explore the 300 stores that make Kingston London’s third biggest shopping destination
  • Old London Road 🤳 Spin by David Mach’s famous Sculpture “Out of Order”
  • Clattern Bridge 🌉 Cycle along the Thames, and see the city’s oldest bridge

C6 King’s Cross – Kentish Town

London cycleway cycle route

Get your culture, retail and sightseeing fix sorted along the new Cycleway 6! Here’s our top sights to enjoy along the way:

  • British Library 📚 Did you know it’s the largest national library in the world? With around 200 million items available for you to enjoy, it’s sure to keep you busy
  • Camden Market 🛍️ This iconic market boasts incredible shops, eateries and music venues – no wonder it’s ranked London’s fourth most popular visitor attraction
  • Regents Canal Footpath 🚣 Take in 14km of scenic views from Paddington to Limehouse Basins!

C17 Elephant and Castle – Burgess Park

London cycleway cycle route

Get some fresh air and enjoy a spot of shopping along the new Cycleway 17! Be sure to check out:

  • Elephant Park 🌳 While you might struggle to find elephants, you’re guaranteed to enjoy the largest new green space in central London in the last 70 years
  • East Street Market 🛍️ Take home a trinket and a slice of history from this market that’s been running since 1880
  • Burgess Park BMX track 🚴 Feeling confident on your wheels? Why not take to the ramps

C20 Enfield Town – Palmers Green

London cycleway cycle route

Indulge your senses along the new Cycleway 20! Here’s our highlights:

C23 Whipps Cross – Millfields Park

London cycleway cycle route

Soak up some scenery and get active along the new Cycleway 23! Here’s where to get started:

Find your way

Cycleways are high-quality cycle routes for all Londoners to enjoy 🚴 🚴 🚴.

Our network links communities, businesses and destinations all across the Capital and are super easy navigate, with clear signage and road markings so riders of all levels can feel safe and confident.

There’s even a handy map to help you plan your journey 🗺.


  1. Sorry. I want to come to London and see your story. I want to do it on a bike …. cheap and useful. Thank you. Sorry for the time.

    1. Is there an actual map showing all cycle route to see how they link up, or how they will link up?
      From the city centre Oxford Street (a central location) going out or vice- versa, for greater distances?
      Thank you.

  2. This is such great news. I’ve always felt that London could be such an amazing space for cycling – but it has been so polluted by petrol and diesel and road-rage.

    This is very, very welcome news. Thank you to Sadiq Khan and for everyone working to bring these plans together for their commitment to climate change, air pollution, and clean energy and healthy initiatives for people in this city that is on the right path finally.

    I look forward to seeing how the ULEZ and LEZ expansions and upgrade – the expansion of cycling routes – the changing of road layouts in the city and the general focus on peoples health and wellbeing and climate change goals go forwards into the better future hopefully.

  3. Well done. The Cycleways and the temporary cycle paths will allow me to cycle to work. I am always envious of cities such as Paris, Frankfurt, Tokyo and Amsterdam where cycling is possible and safe. I hope London and the rest of the UK takes this chance to get on our bikes for a healthier lifestyle which is better for our environment

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