Mindful walks with Mind

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Prioritising mental health has never been as important as it is now. 🧠❤️

That’s why we’ve partnered with our friends at Mind to give you tips on how to support your mental well-being and become calmer and less stressed through mindful walking.

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a technique that involves making an effort to notice what’s happening in the present moment – in your mind, body and surroundings. ✨

It aims to help you cope with difficult or unhelpful thoughts, as well as to feel calmer.

How mindful walking can help

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Research suggests that regular activity can reduce the risk of depression by up to 30% as well as improve people’s resilience and ability to cope. 👏

You may be working from home or commuting to work in a different way, so now is a great time to try mindful activities.

Mindful walking is a great way to start your mindful movement journey. It is simple to do, doesn’t take much time, and can be easily incorporated into your daily routine and/or commute! 👍

Here are some mindful walking tips:

  • Take notice of your breathing as you walk. Focus on how your body feels as you inhale and exhale. Does it feel heavy or light, tensed, or relaxed? 🗣
  • Take time to notice your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Mindfulness isn’t about making these go away or overcoming them, but rather accepting how we are thinking and feeling at that time. Some people find it helpful to name the thought, feeling, or emotion – “I’m feeling like I may not do well in the job interview… this is nerves or anxiety.” 💕
  • Take notice of your surroundings. Life can be busy and we rush from one place to another. Whilst walking, take time to pay attention to your surroundings. Simply acknowledge what you are seeing, hearing, and feeling as you walk. 🍃
  • Don’t worry if it feels strange at first. Give yourself time to practice mindful walking as the more you do it, the easier it will be. 😀

 Ways to get walking mindfully

Woman and dog in forest

There are many ways to get started walking. You could walk between stations on your commute, or go further and explore some of London’s top walking routes.

Your walks don’t have to be long, there are many spectacular short walks to try, as well as wonderful walks through parks. 🌳

Mind’s Mindful Walking activity sheet is a fantastic tool to get you started. 👌

Find more information on mental health support.

Leave a comment with your favourite walks and mindfulness tips!


  1. Just Out Of The Picture

    Into the photo I will walk
    Along the path, around the bend
    In the warm sunshine
    To an unseen end
    What will there be just out of shot?
    Waiting there for me
    Whatever my mind can imagine
    Will be what I will see
    A country pub with a garden
    Hanging baskets everywhere
    Bees buzzing and birds singing
    A pint of ale, a comfy chair
    Maybe a quaint tea shoppe
    With scones and cakes galore
    And tea poured through a strainer
    Cucumber sandwiches and more
    Or an empty beach with gentle waves
    Running up the sand
    Washing over my bare feet
    As with an ice cream I just stand
    My mind can take me anywhere
    Imagination lets me roam
    Into any picture I see
    Whilst I’m really still at home.

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