Outdoor activities for families

Family sat on tree trunk with scooters

Whether it’s the school holiday, the weekend or just a break from home-schooling, it’s important to get the kids outside and to stay active.

Here’s some fun ideas to try with the kids whilst exploring what the City has to offer. 👇 

Start Geocaching

geocaching tube

Geocaching is a real, outdoor adventure that’s happening all the time, all over the world! 🗺️

To get starteddownload the Geocaching app to search for geocaches near you. Once you find a geocache, open it up and sign the logbook.  

You may discover some trade or swag items (small toys, keychains, trinkets) inside the container. The general rule of thumb is if you take something, leave something of equal or greater value for the next person.  So, get started and explore your local area – see how many you can find! 

Go on a scavenger hunt

You can plan your own scavenger hunt through the City, or Royal Parks have created some for you. 🌳 

If you’re nearby, download the scavenger hunt games to your mobile and go on an adventure through some of London’s most popular parks. Try photo challenges, learn some amazing facts, and play games the whole family can enjoy! 

Choose your adventure

Take to the high seas aboard a pirate ship in the Diana Memorial Playground, slide through miniature townhouses at Paddington Rec or scale snakes in Stonebridge Park. 🐍

Let their imaginations run with them and give kids the freedom to play their own way. Find wheelchair accessible sites and playgrounds for different ages with family blogger Emmy’s guide to the best playgrounds across London.

Experience nature

With over 3,000 parks in London, it’s easy to take kids out for a spin around a local green space! 💚

From grass and woodlands to wetlands, London is home to all kinds of habitats and creatures. Disconnect your devices and go wild in a nearby reserve. Reconnect with nature and find out more about London’s waterways with the Canal and River Trust’s family activity sheets.

Set some challenges 

squirrel on grass

Whether you’re going for a walk, cycle, or scoot, why not make the journey more entertaining by setting the kids a challenge, or playing a game like: 

  • Spot different types of trees or leaves 🍂 
  • Identify different flowers 🌷 
  • The first person to spot a certain animal or insect 🐿️ 
  • Collect interesting leaves for an art project 🎨 

What are your favourite outdoor activities to do with the kids? Let us know in the comments below. 👇 

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