Walk, cycle or scoot to school

two kids and mother walking from school

Make the school run fun – use the morning commute to clear the cobwebs of sleep and get the kids to school with an extra spring in their step.

Whether you walk, cycle or scoot together, we’ve got the secret to getting the kids excited about their journey to and back from school.👇

Play “I Spy” 👀

two kids walking to school

This classic game not only makes the journey to school fun, it helps kids take in their surroundings and gets their brain exercising, ready for a day of learning.

Set some challenges 🤓

They could be physical or mental challenges! Think running, skipping and jumping races or simple trivia – the first one to name something red, the first person to name something in the street starting with A.

These activities are a great way to get the kids energised for the day ahead.

Start number spotting 1️⃣ 2️⃣ 3️⃣

boy on scooter

Say a number and the first person to find that number (on a door, a bin or a car number plate etc) gets to choose the next number. You can also try this with letters or colours! Not only is this a great way to have fun with the kids, it can also help them to learn too!

Play spot the road signs 🛑

mother and daughter cycling

Teach the kids about road safety. Point out the different signs, explain why they are there, what they mean and how to follow them. Encourage them to learn the route and give them the opportunity to lead the way one day a week.

This is a great way to build up their confidence when it comes to road safety. It’ll also give you a little peace of mind if they do the school run without you when they’re older. 🚴

Mix it up 🤹

Keep the sense of adventure alive, whether you walk one day, cycle the next (you could even try a cargo bike), and scoot another – try to take the kids on a different route every so often through the local green spaces.

Plan your school journey 🗺️

We know many kids may be nervous about their new journey to school. To help them prepare, use our walking and cycling Journey Planner. It’s full of handy travel tips, practical advice about walking and cycling, fun videos, and useful ways to plan journeys from home to school.

Kids going to high school?

If your kids are starting high school, we’ve got some tips to help them walk or cycle their journey. 👇

Improve your cycle skills

If you and your kids are cycling to school, take our online Cycle Skills course which is perfect for all abilities.

Plus, complete all four modules and you’ll receive 15% off Halfords own-brand cycle lights, locks or helmets. 🔒

Here’s some quick tips on how to find the right sized cycle for your child 👇


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