Things to know when cycling in London

People cycling Santander Cyclies in London

Your wheels are rolling, the breeze is tingling your face and the city is gliding by, giving you a whole new view of London – you’re on a city cycle ride. 🚴‍♀️ We don’t want it to be more than you can handle-bar, so we’ve got some wheely good cycling tips to help you get to grips with your wheels, and the city.👇

Learn how to cycle for free

Person cycling on a path in a cycle skills session

Everyone was a beginner once so whether you’re a total newbie or you need to refresh your cycle skills, you can get free cycle training with our online Cycle Skills course👏 

Plus, complete all four modules and you’ll receive 15% off Halfords own-brand cycle lights, locks or helmets. 🔒

Take folded cycles on all our services

Cycling for your commute? If you’ve got a folded cycle, you can take it anywhere, at any time on all our transport services. 🚆 🚌 🚊

If you’ve got a non-folded cycle, you can take it on some services at specific times. 🚲

Use cycle parking all over the city

Woman using a cycle parking hanger London

You don’t need to tyre yourself out looking for somewhere to park your cycle.

You can choose from over 20,000 cycle parking spaces at stations, 7,200 cyclehangers and more than 150,000 spaces on streets across London. 🙌

Plan your cycle route

Want to take a ride down a Cycleway or find a new route to commute to work?

Our top cycling top is to use our cycle map to plan your journey. 📍 To get started, here’s some routes for you try!

Or use The Cyculator from Halfords to compare time and money you can save by cycling to work!

Cycling is for everyone

People cycling on a bicycle and hand bike

There are amazing charities in London who support disabled people to cycle, including Wheels for Wellbeing.

You can join cycling sessions on adapted cycles to help keep you fit and independent.

You don’t need your own cycle

Girl riding a Santander Cycles in Chelsea London

Since 2010, 5.9 million people have used Santander Cycles to travel 300,000,000 km – that’s nearly three return trips to Mars! 👽

So, if you don’t have your own cycle, you can hire a Santander Cycle! Plus, to get pedalling even quicker, you can download the Santander Cycles app. Join its London Riders scheme and you could win prizes! 🏆

Share your photos with us

We love seeing photos from your cycling adventures! 📸

Use #transportforlondon when posting on social media.

What are you top cycling tips?

Share your top cycling tips in the comments below 👇🏼


  1. I am working as a dental nurse and I love to do cycling to work but i do not know the cycling . I try lot to find some cycling course with in the lot each borough of London has cycling to work scheme unfortunately Barking and Dagenham does not have this facility.
    hope we can find any solution for this

    best regards
    Khalida Nik

    1. Hi Khalida,

      You can book free cycling classes with your council. Contact them! If your own council doesn’t do it try contacting your neighbor councils. I knew how to cycle when I moved to London but booked a class to feel more confident and understand the rules here. I can’t recommend this more. I did it with the Wandsworth Council.
      Hope you find this soon. X

    2. What? The Cycling to work scheme is about buying a new bike tax free with monthly deductions straight from your pay. It is something run by your employer not the Borough as its done through tax reductions on the PAYE. Ask your employer. If they are not part of the scheme or you are self employed then you can’t use the scheme and will have to pay full retail price for a bike.

  2. • Stop at the red lights
    • Slow down in pedestrian areas
    • Don’t ride on the pavement, that’s for pedestrians
    • Mind the cars and lorries, assume they haven’t seen you.
    • Know the difference between the Tour de France and commuting (applies to both behaviour and what you wear).
    • If you commute everyday, read the Highway Code, it won’t hurt.

  3. It would be constructive to point out that you shouldn’t cycle on pavements. You should obey traffic lights and all other traffic signs and don’t cycle the wrong way down one way streets. I’ve been knocked over twice by cyclists while crossing on a green man and hit at least a dozen times by cyclists riding on pavements. No wonder most pedestrians don’t like cyclists.

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