Things to do in South East London with Done London

Screen printing in the Done London studio

We’ve partnered with Done London to share the best things to do around their studio’s neighbourhood. 🏙 🏞

Done London is an independent design and print studio. They specialise in hand screen-printed graphic apparel, operational since 2012 and inspired by skate and BMX subcultures, urban music and art scenes. 🎨 🎶

Their three strong team collaborates closely with grass-roots and independent creatives. They champion other burgeoning small businesses and anyone looking for help to add a unique spin on standard merchandise, garment and print formats. In 2019 they released their exclusive ranges NORTH, SOUTH, EAST & WESTBOUND and TFL MOVER COLLECTION. 👕

Done London’s South East London recommendations

London is our home it’s the home of many of our customers, clients and contemporaries. The postcode we work in and those we travel through daily offers us sights, sounds and cultural experiences that inform our creative process.

Invaluable locations in our area are often run by our close friends and the people we’d consider to be the greater Done London community.

👉 Peckham wouldn’t be Peckham to us without Holdron’s Arcade, the home of our former bricks and mortar shop and other like-minded organisations, Wavey Garms, Tens Studio, Sturla and Balamii radio. Holdron’s runs parallel with Copeland Park, the base for some of our most loved recreation spots; Rye Wax, the basement record shop and venue, or it’s slightly larger cousin, the sticky-floored Bussey Building.

🤙 Skate and BMX is at the core of our brand’s history; the fashions, the friendships and the community at large. We regularly frequent the skateparks at Stockwell and Crystal Palace. Without skatepark culture, we wouldn’t have grown to be the focused creative group we’ve become.

✌ We don’t always operate at full tilt. We take advantage of nature walks and routes around One Tree Hill and Sydenham Woods to reset and re-centre before and after large-scale projects.

👍 The Horniman Museum packed with natural history artefacts and gardens will always be an important resource for inspiration.

👌 Another favourite place, serving locals, is Peckhamplex Independent Cinema. Watching a movie here is a completely different experience to watching it anywhere else.

This desire to be ‘different’ and still be itself is what makes our part of London so vibrant and fascinating and is essential to inspiring us and our work.

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