The impossible Transport for London quiz

Graphic with emojis for the TfL Quiz

Could you tell us the average speed of the London Underground? 💨
Do you know what proportion of the network is in tunnels? 🚇
Do you know how many buses there are in our fleet? 🚌
It’s time to show us what you’re made of!

If you’re a Londoner you might think you know the Tube network inside out. We’re here to see just how much you do know! So round up your team, roll up your sleeves and put that knowledge into action!

You will need:
You will need:
👨‍👧 2+ teams made up of at least one person each
🤓 A quizmaster
🖋 Pens
📝 Printed quiz sheets
⏳ A timer (5 minutes per round)
🍬 Some goodies

So what are you waiting for? 👉 Download the Impossible TfL Quiz! (PDF format) or play the interactive online quiz 👇

Prepare for some serious head scratching and let us know your toughest TfL quiz questions in the comments!


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