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We have some new discounts that are out of this world! 🚀 Spark your imagination at the Science Museum and save big on paid activities and exhibitions. When you prove your TfL journey, except Santander Cycles, on the same day as your visit, you can receive up to 50% off. 

The Science Museum offer  🤩

The following offers are now live 🥳 and are available to full-fare paying customers on TfL services, except for Santander Cycles.

To redeem the offers, book in advance using the offer codes and one person from each party must show proof of travel via the TfL Oyster and Contactless app on the same day as the visit, which must be downloaded and logged into in advance. Download the TfL Oyster and Contactless app today.

Entry to the main museum is free, but it’s highly recommended to pre-book online using our promotional codes below and then on the Science Museum website.

Please see the full terms and conditions.

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Get hands-on with chemistry, maths, and much more in Wonderlab: The Equinor Gallery.

Wonderlab is an interactive science playground designed for children aged 7-14, with 50 different exhibits to interact with. The Science Museum Explainers are on hand to guide you through the 7 different zones as you’ll take part in live experiments. The whole family will be inspired to see the world in new and exciting ways after your visit! 

The offer is valid until 20 October 2023. To book tickets in advance, enter the promotional code WONDERLABTFL25 into the Science Museum ticket booking pages prior to making payment.

A young boy and a girl are in the Science Museum and are pulling on a rope which has a pink ball in a tube attached to it. The are surrounded by other science apparatus.

3D Documentaries in IMAX: The Ronson Theatre 🎬

If you love documentaries, this offer is for you! The IMAX cinema at the Science Museum hosts newly released blockbusters, 3D documentary films and cinema classics.  

Our offer gets you 20 per cent off a 40-minute 3D documentary, allowing you to discover something new about space, the natural world and more. 

Offer is valid during weekday term time, until 20 October 2023. To book tickets in advance, enter the promotional code IMAXTFL20 into the Science Museum ticket booking pages prior to making payment.

A boy and a girl are sat in the cinema. They are wearing 3D glasses. The boy is pointing at the screen in delight, while the girl is smiling and adjusting her glasses. She is also holding a popcorn bag

How to get to the Science Museum 📍

The Science Museum is a major museum based on Exhibition Road in South Kensington. There are many ways to get there on TfL services. 

Tube 🚇 

The science museum is a short walk away from South Kensington (5 minutes) and Gloucester Road (15 minutes) stations, which are on the Circle, District and Piccadilly lines.  

Bus 🚍

Routes 14, 49, 70, 74, 345, 360, 414, 430 and C1 stop outside South Kensington Underground Station. 

Bus routes 9, 10, 52, 452 and 70 stop outside the Royal Albert Hall on Kensington Gore. 

Find the quickest route for your journey using our TfL travel tools.

Interview with Science Fiction curator Glyn Morgan  

How would you sum up the Science Fiction exhibition in 3 words? 

Playful, wide-ranging and surprising! 

Who did you have in mind when curating the exhibition? Is it for science fiction fans only? 

Yes and no! I think science fiction is a genre for everyone. It’s an art-form that deals with the concerns, issues, and developments of our modern highly scientific and technological world. So we wanted to create an experience for all, with many different levels of science fiction knowledge. There will be objects and stories in there that everyone will recognise, like Iron Man and the Starship Enterprise. But there’s definitely something new for everyone: we’re taking visitors on a voyage of discovery. 

Can you share a surprising fact about the exhibition? 

For those really dedicated fans, we wanted to create an experience that offered a lot of layers for them to dig into: this means that we put loads of little easter eggs of content into the exhibition from a hidden tribble, to homages and quotes in the labels and room graphics, and more. See how many you can spot! 

What’s your favourite part of the exhibition and why? 

This is a really difficult question for any curator, but for me it was seeing the whole thing come together. There’s something magical about seeing an empty gallery turn into an exhibition but in our case we built a whole spaceship and an alien world inside the walls of the museum and after years on the drawing board I still get excited walking in and seeing that it has become reality. 

What’s your favourite Science Fiction movie or book? 

Ask me this sort of question every week for a year and you’ll get 52 different answers! But if you’re putting me on the spot, then I have to pick something like Forbidden Planet (1956) as my favourite movie, because it just perfectly captures that 1950s classic movies style whilst pointing the way towards all the big science fiction blockbusters to come, for example: Robbie the Robot who you can see in the exhibition is a real precursor for the more emotional sassy robots we see in Star Wars

What does a day in the life of a Science Museum curator look like? 

Now that the exhibition is open, it’s mostly giving talks and planning events in the museum. In the run-up to opening it was very different of course. We had trips and calls to discuss loans and content with collectors, film studios, academics and experts all over the world. Of course, at the moment I’m also planning my next exhibition, but I can’t really tell you about that yet…. 

What’s the best part of your job? 

I get to work with incredible people every day, discovering new and exciting stories, amazing objects, and then I get to share them with the world. I still can’t believe I get paid to do this stuff! 

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