Sliding Doors Turns 25 – Tube 160 

Cinema Screen Showing Sliding Doors movie titles

Have you ever had a Tube ride on the London Underground that changed your life? 2023 marks 25 years since the release of the British film Sliding Doors. 🍿 🎞

To mark the occasion, we’ve partnered with Jennie Becker, creator of Sliding Doors podcast, to create a 4-part documentary series that dives into the backstory of his iconic romantic-comedy. These special episodes are part of the Tube 160 event, celebrating the London Underground’s role as the lifeblood of the Capital.  

When Helen (played by Gwyneth Paltrow) misses a train, the movie splits into two parallel storylines. For the film’s writer and director Peter Howitt, it was important that the key moment was filmed in the iconic London Underground, as her fate is determined by one single Tube ride.

It’s the idea of a ‘Sliding Doors moment’ that superfan Jennie Becker is enchanted by.  

‘Throughout my life and career, I’ve always been fascinated by the theory that everything happens for a reason.’  

Jennie Becker 

She’s spent the last two years interviewing over 60 guests on her podcast. They all reveal the moments when their lives could have been different due to a chance encounter, just like in the film. 

Jennie Becker at Sliding Doors podcast screening. Credit Connie Campbell

Sliding Doors podcast 🎧 🤩  

In our special episodes, the podcast takes a trip back in time to look at the making of the film.

There are interviews with the cast of the film, including John Hannah, Jeanne Tripplehorn and producer Philippa Braithwaite. They all share their memories of what it was like on set and their favourite moments.

Celebrity fans of the film also share their Sliding Doors moments in episode 4 with Jennie. We hear from Steven Bartlett, Rachel Stevens and Bradley Walsh.

Actor John Hannah, producer Philippa Braithwaite and writer director Peter Howitt on stage with Jennie Becker. Credit Connie Campbell

Episode 1: The Origin of the Film Sliding Doors 

Episode 2: The Iconic Sliding Doors Moment  

Episode 3:  The Release and Theory of Sliding Doors 

Episode 4: Famous Sliding Doors Moments

You can to these episodes on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or listen where you usually get your podcasts. We’ll also have a 5th episode celebrating Tube 160 in June. This episode will feature Sliding Doors moments from TfL staff, including Commissioner of TfL Andy Lord.

Kate Reston, Film Office Manager for Transport for London, also joins the podcast, and talks about what it’s like to film on the London Underground. The key scene in the story takes place at Embankment station.

But it was shot on the Waterloo and City line. 25 years ago, the line didn’t run on a Sunday, so filming there meant little disruption to passengers. Other scenes in the movie were also filmed at Fulham Broadway Station.  

Cinema Screen Showing Sliding Doors movie titles. Credit Connie Campbell

Go location spotting 🕵🏼‍♀️ 📍  

Watched the film? Listened to the Podcast? Check out the Underground locations featured and used for filming and see if you can spot the difference.

Use the TfL Go app or our online travel tools to help plan your journey. 

If you’ve taken a special journey and want to share it on your Instagram stories, add one of our gif stickers celebrating 160 years of the Tube to your post. Search for Transport for London when adding a gif. Here’s some inspiration.

Photography in this post by Connie Campbell.

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