Halloween on our network

Fancy dress on a DLR platform

Rising from the graves 🪦 and under the moonlight 🌙 it’s that wicked time of year. We love Halloween and are here to help you make the most of London’s ghastliest spots.

Enjoy our network through a reimagining of station names. Fasten your sheet belts and check them out.

Get inspiration for your fancy dress outfits! We’re dying to see them.

Plan your journey this Halloween

Creep it real and use our travel tools, plus download our frightfully useful app TfL Go. Don’t be a ghoul. 🧌

Eerie-sistible fancy dress ideas

A selection of ideas to help you look fab-oo-lous. If you’ve got it, haunt it.

💳 Card clash (dress as an Oyster and payment card)

ℹ️ Service info board (wear a noticeboard on your chest)

🧙‍♀️ Greenwitch (a classic with great ties to south east London)

😱 Squealing Broadway (get that old Scream mask out from the loft)

🚉 DLR driver (get that pot lit ready and turquoise outfit)

👯‍♀️ Jekyll and Hyde Park (do you actually need a mate for this one? 🤓)

Haunting and horrific station name alternatives

We’ve heard a lot of the stations are hip joints. Can you guess the original names?

  • Angel of Death
  • BarBOOcan
  • Barons Corpse
  • Batford 🦇
  • Beast Finchley
  • Blood Bank 🩸
  • Charing Crossbones ☠️
  • Coffindale ⚰️
  • Cold Street
  • Deathnal Green
  • Embalment
  • Eye of Newt Cross
  • Fins-buried in a Park
  • Frightsbridge 😳
  • Ghosterly 👻
  • Ghoulders Green
  • Goreditch
  • Grange Howl
  • Gunnersburied
  • Hack Knees Central
  • Hackney Wicked
  • Hampsdead
  • Haringey Groan Lines
  • Harrlseden
  • Haunted Mansion House 👻
  • Hellhoundslow Central 🔥
  • Howlslow Central
  • Jekyll and Hyde Park
  • Leicester Scare
  • Londoom Bridge
  • Marlybones 🦴
  • Morbid Arch
  • Mouldgate
  • Mournington Crescent
  • Notting Hell Gate 🔥
  • Piccadilly Scareous
  • Plotting Ill Fate
  • Pumpkin Rye 🎃
  • Scaresbrook
  • Scary Wharf 🫣
  • Scream Park
  • Slaughteryou
  • Slayton
  • Slimehouse
  • Squirmondsey
  • St Ghouls 🧌
  • Strange Hill
  • Tottenhaunt Court
  • Tower Hell
  • Trick-or-Trixton
  • Uncle Fester Square
  • Vampstead 🧛‍♀️
  • Vile End
  • WaterBOO 👻
  • Werewolfhamstow 🐺
  • West Hampsdead 💀
  • West Hauntstead
  • Westmonster 👹
  • Wicked Warren Street 🧙‍♀️

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Some of our favourites during Halloween weekend 2022

We almost cried out of fear and amazement at some of these costumes across the Tube, DLR and IFS Cloud Cable Car.

Share your best puns and frightful Halloween station names

Our selection is just a bloody taster. Post your fangtastic ideas in the comments.

Happy Halloween and so long, sucker.

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