Santander Cycles sightseeing

Taking a trip in Santander Cycles? Why not take a quick look at all the sights and attractions you can enjoy while you’re out and about! 🚲

🚲 Hyde Park loop

The Serpentine Galleries are two contemporary art galleries in Kensington Gardens, hosting regular temporary exhibitions! 🎨

📍Science Museum

🚲 Exhibition Road

Interactive and thought-provoking, the Science Museum is a great place to see, touch and experience science first-hand. 🔬

📍Wellington Arch

🚲 Hyde Park loop

Set in the heart of royal London, Wellington Arch was built as an original entrance to Buckingham Palace. 🏛

🚲 Royal loop

View some of the most famous paintings in the Royal Collection at The Queen’s Gallery. 👑

Horse guards parade

📍Horse Guards

🚲 Royal loop

Hop on a Santander Cycles and see the Changing of The Guard at Horse Guards Parade. 🐴

📍Cleopatra’s Needle

🚲 Thames loop

Made in Egypt for the Pharaoh Thotmes III in 1460 BC, making it almost 3,500 years old,  it was brought to London from Alexandria, the royal city of Cleopatra. 😲

View of Tower Bridge from the river.

📍Tower Bridge

🚲 Thames loop

One of London’s most famous landmarks! 🏰

📍London Eye

🚲 Thames loop

See panoramic views of London or admire the London Eye from the South Bank! 🎡

illustrated map of Santander cycles routes.

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