Draw a monster

We’ve teamed up with our friends at Royal Museums Greenwich to bring you a range of craft activities that will help keep sea-faring signallers ⛵️, aspiring artists and amateur astronomers 🚀 entertained at home in your craft corner, AKA the kitchen table, the garden, or further afield as you begin exploring London once more. 🙌

We’ve highlighted some activities from the pack below including how to communicate using flags 🚩, drawing an astronaut 🪐 and a step-by-step guide to drawing a monster. 

All aboard Cutty Sark!  

Built in 1869 to carry tea back from China, Cutty Sark visited nearly every major port in the world. Young sailor apprentices would set sail to places they had never been before, hoping for adventure, and that’s exactly what they’d get! 🚢

Cutty Sark’s apprentices would often sign off their letters home using signal flags for their initials. 🚩 We have drawn all of the flags below so now you can have a go creating your own secret messages to friends and family. What will your secret message say? 🤔

Image of a flag alphabet used for signalling messages.

Colour in Jeanette Epps, the brightest star ⭐️

There have been many individuals who have journeyed into space to explore and discover. This year, Jeanette Epps will become the first black woman to live on the International Space Station. 🚀

Have a go at colouring in or decorating this drawing of Jeanette in her NASA space suit. 🖍  Better still, have a go at drawing your own portrait of Jeanette, maybe you could draw her in the International Space Station. 💫

Image of Jeanette Epps next to an outline image of Jeanette Epps

Let’s do the monster map 🐲

The Prince Philip Maritime Collections Centre look after and care for a wide range of items, but it is the map and globe collection which is truly impressive. 🗺

The map showing Iceland is one of the finest maps created by the cartographer Abraham Ortelius. Although this map looks like it is full of fictional monsters, it actually contains animals we still have today. 🦣 🐊

Abraham Ortelius never actually saw any of these animals and drew what he was told by others. The result was these amazing monsters. Here’s how to draw our Craft Club monster, Clive of CLAW-vent Garden. 🧟

How to draw a monster colouring sheet

Download the full craft pack 

Download the full craft pack for more exciting activities. Learn how to make your own rocket 🚀, build your own ship in a bottle ⛵️  and learn from the astronomers at the Royal Observatory! ✨

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Share your designs 🎨

We’d love to see your finished creations, so don’t be shy and share with us! 🖍

Continue the fun! 🥳

Don’t put those arts and crafts supplies away just yet! From word searches, colouring sheets and drawing guides, we’ve got a range of fun creative activities for you to try.   

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