Finding my cycle confidence

georgia on beryl bike

Say hello to Georgia. 👋 After moving back to London from Beijing, she was keen to get back to cycling but was feeling a bit nervous.

Hear how she found confidence again by joining the team at Beryl Bikes and riding her second-hand cycle. 🚲

From Beijing to London

For five and a half years, I lived and worked in Beijing where there’s a lot of infrastructure in place that makes it easy to cycle in the city. When I moved back to London last year, I was a little nervous about navigating a different landscape with narrower streets and less segregated cycle paths.

I joined the team at Beryl Bikes here in London. They offer micromobility services (bikes/e-Bikes and soon, e-scooters!) across the nation and focus on community, safety, and sustainable practices. 🙌

Being part of the team meant I was surrounded by people who understood cycling in London deeply, and they gave me all the tips and advice I needed to get back out there. 👍

When I went to an event in Bournemouth, I came across the New Forest Bike Project. They take old or unwanted cycles and help to relocate them in the community. I love buying second-hand, so I bought a cycle from them and took it back with me on the train to London. 🚲

Cycling for my mental health

Cycling is a great way to get around and stay socially distanced. I’m not a fast cyclist, I like to take in my surroundings and explore the city. Cycling also really helps to clear my mind and is so positive for my mental health! ❤️

The attitude towards cyclists is improving and it’s becoming more inclusive. There are so many resources you can use to help you get back on a cycle again, plus Transport for London’s cycle routes mean there’s now more space on the road for me to cycle.

Georgia with her bicycle

My favourite route

One of my favourite routes is from my home in North London to my office in East London which takes you through three lovely parks. It makes my commute so much more enjoyable. 🌳

My top cycling tips

  1. Look for other routes that may be longer but are more enjoyable and scenic. You don’t always have to take the most direct routes on the main roads. The TfL journey planner can help you plan your route. 🍃
  2. Look at all the online courses like the TfL Cycle Skills course. When you complete all four modules, you’ll receive 15% off Halfords own-brand cycle lights, locks or helmets! There’s so much opportunity to build your confidence and get comfortable before investing in your own cycle. 👌
  3. Cycling should be accessible for everyone and as an individual you shouldn’t have to look a certain way or buy certain things to be a cyclist! Just wear what makes you comfortable. ⚡️

Cycling safely

Head to the Halfords hub to find our online Cycle Skills course, get access to tips and how-tos, and discover all the cycling kit you need to cycle safely. 🙌

And once you’re ready to go, use The Cyculator from Halfords to compare time and money you can save by cycling to work!

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