Cycling: Lizzy’s Story

Cyclists at the London to Brighton Cycling event

We caught up with Lizzy about how she got into cycling, her advice for people thinking of doing the same and her next big challenge, the London to Brighton Bike Ride.

What got you into cycling in London?
I’ve been cycling for about two and half years now. I lived with a friend who cycled to work every day, and one day I just decided to give it a go. I brought my old mountain bike up from Gloucestershire and we did our first ride together, a few miles to Hampstead and back. Since then, I’ve got a new bike, started commuting to work and made use of TfL’s hire bike scheme when I need to nip from place to place in central London.

What would you say to someone considering cycling?
Go for it – it may feel a bit scary to get out there in the first place, but there are so many routes you can take so that you’ll feel safe in no time. It gives you so much freedom and is an amazing way to see how this huge city connects together. Set yourself a challenge like London to Brighton Bike Ride and that way you’ll have the motivation to keep going!

Which are your favourite bits of London to ride in?
Anywhere where I can avoid hills! I love cycling the loop around Regent’s Park with my friend, or meandering around Richmond Park is dreamy.

What cycling challenges have you taken on?
In September 2017, I took on my first ever triathlon to raise money for charity. It was terrifying and involved a 40km bike ride (after a 2km swim and before an 8km run) but I loved it – it was so much fun. If I’d never started cycling in London, I wouldn’t have dared to take on this challenge.

Why take on the London to Brighton Bike Ride?
Doing London to Brighton Bike Ride on 16th June is my next big cycling challenge – it’ll be the furthest I’ve ever been by bike.

If you’re feeling ready to get back in the saddle, you can sign up for the London to Brighton Bike Ride and get £5 off the registration fee with the code TFL5.

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