The ultimate Transport for London quiz!

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Do you think you’ve got what it takes? 💪
Have you got the knowledge to travel across London unaided? 🤥
Are you a self confessed Tube nerd? 🤓
Now’s the time to put it to the test!

Whether you’re a hardened Londoner who’s never ventured beyond Zone 2 or a country bumpkin who’s brand new in town, our quizzes will increase your knowledge and your love of the capital’s transport network. Even wondered how many London Underground stations sit outside the M25? 🛣 Can you tell the difference between S7 and S8 rolling stock? 🚇 Do you sit up at night wondering how many bus routes there are in London? 🚌 Then it’s time to put that knowledge into action!

You will need:
👨‍👧 2+ teams made up of at least one person each
🤓 A quizmaster
🖋 Pens
📝 Printed quiz sheets
⏳ A timer (5 minutes per round)
🍬 Some goodies

So what are you waiting for? 👉 Download the Ultimate TfL Quiz! (PDF format), or play the interactive online quiz 👇

Prepare for some serious head scratching and let us know your toughest TfL quiz questions in the comments!


  1. Here’s a question:

    Name the furthest station, as the crow flies, from Charing Cross that has been part of the London Underground. Choose one option.

    Southend Central
    Verney Junction
    Heathrow Terminal 5

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