6 things heard when travelling in London

Man cupping his hands around his mouth and shouting at crowds by a London Underground Station

Ever been confiding in a friend and suddenly you realise your story has divided opinion throughout the whole Tube carriage?

Well, you’re not the only one. We’ve handpicked a few of our favourites overheard snippets to share with you and if that’s not enough, head to our Overheard on the Tube page and share the things that have made you go 😲, 🤣 and 🤔.

Child to Mum at #AngelTubeStation: "I bet angels live here" 😂 #OverheardOnTheTube
1) Based on this logic, who lives in Barking? 🐕🐕🐕


#OverheardOnTheTube "Do you know what's great? Duvets."
2) A regular thought for early morning commuters 💤


Small child: will Mummy be there? Father: no, mummy's at the wresting with nanny. Epic. #OverheardOnTheTube #LondonLife
3) Probably the best one ever. Where was our invite? 🤼


"Hamstead Heath sounds like... Hamster thief 🐭 #OverheardOnTheTube #LDN
4) This could be a fun game…


#OverheardOnTheTube "It literally took me all the strength I could mustard." ☹️
5) Condiment confusion


'Yeah I think the police came round and interviewed her son', 'oh god, hope everything is ok', 'yeah well I dunno, I can only hear through the kitchen wall'. #OverheardOnTheTube
6) #OverheardOnTheTube meets #OverheardInTheKitchen

Keep an eye on Overheard on the Tube for the latest weird and wonderful snippets of conversation!


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