Tim’s story: cycling

Tim Wood cycling on Quietway 1

Whether you’re looking to build a little exercise into your day, save a few pennies or do your bit for the planet, cycling is a great way of getting around and once you start, you’ll be hooked! We had a quick catch up with Tim about using London cycling network.

Hi Tim! What inspired you to get into cycling?

I’ve been cycling for a little while but very much in my free time, so I hadn’t really considered that it might be an option for commuting. Now that I’ve made the switch to cycling to work I can’t imagine commuting any other way. I live in South-East London and work in central, so Quietway 1 is perfect for me as it connects Greenwich, Deptford and New Cross with central London.

I actually first spotted the Quietway route by chance, I noticed the Q1 symbol on a sign and followed it out of curiosity. I returned with my bike and was amazed to find a route which took me through the back streets and away from the main roads all the way to London Bridge.

How have you found using a Quietway route?

For me, it was fantastic to find a route which avoided heavy traffic, noise and pollution. I haven’t been cycling for all that long, so it’s really enabled me to build my confidence and build cycling into my daily routine.

I recommend the Quietway routes to anyone I speak to about cycling in London. Sometimes the routes take a few minutes longer but it’s relaxing and enjoyable, so it’s not a trade off for me. There are more routes being built at the moment as part of the cycling network in London too, so people will have a real choice in how they get around the city. I’m looking forward to exploring more at the weekends!

What’s the best thing about cycling in London?

There’s a certain freedom and joy you get from cycling a bike – something that taps into those first carefree childhood experiences of whizzing around your garden. I’ve realised that cycling in the city doesn’t have to be stressful or noisy and that actually, it’s often the quickest and most logical way for me to get about. It’s also definitely the most enjoyable way of travelling in London, so I’d recommend it to anyone.

Find out more about the cycling network in London and hop on your bike today!

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