What have you spotted?

Superheroes on the London Underground

With 5 million journeys made every day, the Tube is no stranger to surreal sights 👀. From weddings 👰 to fancy dress, dogs 🐶 to sing-a-longs, we’ve seen it all.

Instagram: @pops_sausage

Head over to Spotted: Transport for London for snaps 📷 and videos 📹 of the weird and wonderful sights of the London Underground.

So far we’ve seen your fab photos of Spiderman 🕸️ on the Victoria line, a Bengal cat on the bus 🚌 and Geri Halliwell travelling on the Tube 🚇.

If you’ve want to hear the eyebrow-raising 🤨 and comical 😂 things that have been overheard when travelling from A to B, check out Overheard on the Tube.

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