Monster bikes: cycling


School holidays can feel like they go on forever and, towards the end of it, the days can seem to repeat themselves. Why not trade the endless play dough sessions for a little creativity and the great outdoors…?

If you haven’t already got a balance bike, we’d really recommend trying one. The trick is that balance bikes have no pedals and therefore are very easy to use. This means children easily learn how to balance, which is the most difficult part of cycling.

Instead of using a balance bike, you can also remove the pedals on a regular children’s bike.

Next, equipped with pens and paper, get your little ones to work up a number of possible monster personality traits and to scribble down their thoughts and designs.

When you’ve got a final design for your monster bike and everyone’s feeling enthusiastic about getting down to the park and chasing the pigeons, make sure you’ve picked a name!


Get stuck into some experimentation and with a bit of cardboard and tape and you’ll see how easy it is to create your very own monster bike. Draw and cut out a big nose and eyes, tape them together at the back and attached them to the handlebars of the bike.


It might take a few attempts, but you’ll have a very cheeky looking monster in no time…


But of course no monster bike is complete without a contagious disease to scare  hardened Londoners away. Add some red stickers wherever you can…


You’ll find your bike monster becomes a really good friend of the family and will come with you wherever you go!


If making a bike monster isn’t for you don’t worry – there are suggested routes and plenty of information to help you and your family get into cycling.

Let us know how you get on and send your bike monster photos to [email protected]

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