Know London Walking – The ultimate urban navigational challenge

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of our Legible London wayfinding system, we’ve partnered with British Orienteering (who, coincidentally, are 50 years old this year) to bring you Know London Walking – the ultimate urban navigational challenge!

If you think you know London’s best shortcuts and hidden secrets, now’s the time to prove it. Or if you just want a bit of fun on a sunny August weekend, that’s fine too.

The aim of the game is to visit as many Legible London locations as possible. For those of you who don’t know, Legible London signs look like this.

The challenge

It’s easy to take part – just download the free Sporteering app available on iPhone or Android, and make your way to the Legible London sign outside Royal Festival Hall, next to the Golden Jubilee Bridge. You can begin the challenge at any time on Saturday 5 August.

The Sporteering app can be downloaded for free at:

– iPhone:

– Android:

When you’ve downloaded the app and registered, go to “events” and select “Know London Walking”. There are QR codes on several signs in the challenge area, the locations of which can be found in the app. Once you scan the start code outside Royal Festival Hall, your timed countdown will begin – you then have three hours to visit as many locations and scan as many QR codes as possible.

Once you scan the start code outside Royal Festival Hall, your timed countdown will begin – you then have three hours to visit as many locations and scan as many QR codes as possible.

You’ll have to put your London knowledge to the test because it’s up to you to plan your own route. The further away a location is from the start/finish, the more points it is worth – it is impossible to visit all of them, so you must work to gain as many points as possible within the time limit.

And don’t forget, to finish the challenge you must return to Royal Festival Hall within the time limit, and scan the same start/finish QR again to complete your challenge. You will lose points for every minute you overrun by.

As you take part, share your progress and photos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #KnowLondonWalking.

The prizes

At the end of the weekend, we’ll send participants a digital certificate. The top three high-scorers will also win a pair of tickets to see the new musical version of The Wind in the Willows at the London Palladium.


  1. This looks interesting but I do not (and will not) use the internet in any way on a mobile. I am not interested in competing (and the prize is not of interest), just seeing what sort of locations are involved and whether I can locate them. Is there any pc-type information available that I could download just for interest? Even if after the event day


  2. Control number 15 seems to be missing. Spent 10 minutes looking for other signs with no luck. Walked to all the others – 15K!. Had another look when I returned, still no luck.
    Good fun though, and a physical challenge for a 60 year old! Hardest part? Getting through the crowds at Buckingham Palace!


    1. Hi David, glad you enjoyed it! Apologies about the missing control – we’ll take this into account when calculating the scores.


      1. Thanks Una
        I’ve already sent my photo of the missing control point to Roger Dillon.
        It will be interesting to see the participation figures. I met several young families taking part and spent some time explaining the wider sport of Orienteering to them, so hopefully we’ll have some new converts to the sport.


  3. David, the app had the option to log your GPS position. I used that for the missing 15, and it worked very well. My hardest part were the crowd at London Eye.

    Una, can you publish the times of the participants?


    1. I tried that, but, was getting the message ‘no control within 10 metres’ so I wondered if the label had been set up for the wrong sign and spent 10 minutes at both ends of my walk looking around the gardens for different signs. Fortunately I had posted a photo on Facebook of the correct sign, expressing disappointment that my first control was missing!


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