Hiring a cargo bike: cycling

Cycling in London can give you such freedom and flexibility and there’s no reason this should change if you’re travelling with little ones.  There are lots of options open to you from a wee-rider seat to cargo bikes.


If you’re looking to try getting around town on two wheels and with your children in toe, we’d recommend you start by renting a cargo bike. This is the perfect way to see if cycling with children works for you.

Where to hire a cargo bike:

Get started by riding your cargo bike around the block a few times by yourself. You’ll get used to it in no time and will be able to build up to a bigger journey with the kids.

Cargo bikes are a really easy ride with built in hub gearing. As well as this, their size means you can’t go too fast and you’ve got a good road presence, with cars giving you enough space.

Top tip: Make a real effort to bring your bike into the family. Try and think about all the trips you make and where they can be done by bike. It might just be a short trip to the corner shop or a longer journey, dropping the kids at a friends’ house.

Helmets ✅ Sunglasses ✅ Fans ✅

The bikes are really well put together, there’s even storage underneath the seat which is great for keeping helmets in when out and about. The cargo bike has dynamo lights, a rain cover and a front opening door to make it easy to get in and out.

You can lock up and park your cargo bike in the street

With the box in front you’ll always be able to see what the children are up to and it’s a nice way to share the journey together.

As well as plenty of room for the children, there’s space for picnic bits, shopping, swimming things – and their friends! It’s useful for a family food shop or trips to the garden centre too.


In no time you’ll find yourselves keen to cycle more and go further. Let us know where you get to on your journeys and share your stories in the comments!


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